Contract Bridge


XContractBridge  v.16.00

Linux Contract Bridge simulation software with random deal, Acol bidding, score to rubber, Blackwood, Baron, Jacoby and Stayman conventions.

Bridge Baron Express  v.18.0.2

Contract bridge card game software. With more than 500 deals, Bridge Baron offers you the most complete, easiest-to-use bridge software. Five-card majors, SAYC, Precision, 2/1, Acol, and other bidding systems. Tournaments.


Bridge Baron for Windows (English)  v.20.0.1

Contract bridge card game software.

Tutorial Bridge  v.4 5

Tutorial Bridge is a program that can teach you how to play the game Contract Bridge, while gives you the chance to play it and know all of the game rules and conventions.

Micro Bridge  v.12.0

Micro Bridge is a highly intelligent contract bridge software, running on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7. You can enjoy playing bridge with other computer players or with other human players (up to four persons at once).

Quick Bridge Portable  v.3.1.9

Sharpen your skills at the Bridge table with this fun, free and easy to use game of Contract Bridge. You play for the South and North hands (We) while the computer plays for East and West (They).

BridgePro  v.3.1

This program is a rubber contract bridge game that simulates real-life play. There are multiple conventions, hints and alerts that make the game a good learning environment to improve your bridge skills. This is the most advanced,

BridgeDealer  v.1.05

This application is designed to help create Contract bridge hands with constrains on points and/ or number of cards per suite for each player.

Winning Bridge  v.3 9

Winning Bridge allows you to play the bridge card game against a computer. You or the computer can bid and play in any position. You can easily configured for popular bidding systems (Acol or US Standard) and with many options.

Blue Chip Bridge  v.5. 7. 2003

Blue Chip Bridge is the intelligent bridge program for players of all standards, with extra features for beginners and improving players.

Teabox Bridge Application  v.1.0.2

About Teabox Bridge ApplicationThe Teabox is a high-speed, high-resolution, sensor interface for connecting sensors or custom interfaces to your computer as a digital audio (S/PDIF) signal.

Blue Chip MiniBridge  v.5.6

Blue Chip MiniBridge is a freeware software which you can download (as a zip file) from this web-page. It will teach you the game of MiniBridge, let you play on your own computer and give you an outstanding introduction to bridge.

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